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Southern Flava brings you well managed, pure talent in a complete package.  We are an extended, one-stop shop stretching from the depths of the Mississippi River to the eastern coast region of New York to the western sandy beaches of California.  Southern Flava is the company that gives you soul food for your eyes and ears.

From acting and vocal coaching to media training, from image building to website and marketing materials design and development, SFI makes sure their roster of artists have everything they need to reach their goal.  Artists that have benefited from Southern Flava’s management include Trenyce of American Idol, Free Sol (formerly of Sol Katz), Tonya of Men-nefer, Chili (formerly of the Climates), and spoken word artists, Brotha’s Keepa.  SFI was recently contracted to launch fashion designer M.G. Ballard’s new venture as a visual artist in mixed media.

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